October 26, 2019

2021-12-20 | 22:34:14

October 25, 2019

2021-12-20 | 22:34:12

"we haven't had our appointment yet but I wanted to post here to say that this young man, Manny, is so kind and you instantly feel that he just wants to do a good job for you! We had to cancel,but he simply said he would put us in as a hold and when we are ready to call back. No pressure, just a kind person that wants to provide a good service! I can't wait to figure out finally a date!!! I looked at some of the cars he had just detailed, and he wasn't putting them on display for me, and they looked absolutely beautiful."
October 17, 2019

2021-12-20 | 22:34:10

"Mariano took great care of my car and made sure I was pleased with the work, it couldn't have been easier and I couldn't ask for more, recomended."
September 19, 2019

2021-12-20 | 22:34:08

"First time ever having my vehicle detailed. In fact, it was the first time in 10 years that I had it washed. Really! I ordered the Presidential. When I picked up my vehicle, I did not recognize it. It looked brand new. In fact I was thinking of trading it in but after seeing the detailing, I decided to keep it. The staff was awesome and really cared about the quality of their work. Could not be happier."
August 3, 2019

2021-12-20 | 22:34:06